The above areas, relating to staff professional learning, are linked so closely together that they are dealt with as one entity with the professional learning journey.

More details around staff professional learning can be found in the other sections on professional development on Hwb.

Areas to consider

Some areas schools could consider within this area are:

  • creating continuous learning opportunities for staff
    • a culture of continuous professional learning
    • professional learning structures and a blended approach
    • an audit of staff skills and preferences
    • providing time and opportunities for professional learning
  • team learning and collaboration
    • networking
    • coaching/mentoring
    • action enquiry
    • an ethos of honesty and sharing
  • creating systems for collecting and exchanging knowledge for learning
    • professional standards and the Professional Learning Passport
    • structure and resources for professional learning in schools
    • triads/pairs – collaboration within the school and cluster
    • TeachMeets and regional support.

Associated resources

The playlist resources below show how some schools have addressed some or more of the above aspects.