Through Hwb, the Welsh Government provides bilingual, digital services to all maintained schools to support teaching and learning through the Curriculum for Wales.

A single Hwb login gives you access to:

Hwb is home to the Curriculum for Wales. This includes:

Supporting professional learning for teachers

Teachers can access digital professional learning developed with experts in education. There are opportunities for all levels of skill and experience with training ranging from basic technical skills to sessions that focus on embedding the tools available through Hwb into effective pedagogical practice. This professional learning aligns to the Digital Professional Learning Journey helping schools develop their own digital vision and maximise the impact of their education technology.

The Welsh Government, local authorities and Regional Education Consortia work together so that schools in Wales can realise the transformational benefits of digital and technology on education. Listening to feedback from the education community, Hwb introduces new services and features so schools have what they need to improve digital competences for learners and support innovative classroom practices for practitioners. The Welsh Government and local authorities continuously collaborate to ensure the Hwb programme meets the needs of schools and delivers a consistent and sustainable education technology experience.

Staying safe and secure

The safeguarding, security and data protection considerations of the services available through Hwb is paramount. The Welsh Government works with expert organisations including the National Cyber Security Centre and Internet Watch Foundation meaning that Hwb tools are subject to rigorous safeguarding assessment and are compliant with the latest security and data protection regulations.

Hwb’s Keeping Safe Online area provides resources, guidance, and training about keeping safe online for learners, practitioners, governors and families. To enhance digital resilience of the Welsh education community we:

  • promote discussions around risks online, including privacy and data and inappropriate content or contact
  • address issues such as online bullying, hate and extremism
  • highlight the latest information and advice on topical issues, including misinformation, viral challenges and online sexual harassment

Hwb supports Safer Internet Day as part of the Welsh Government’s commitment to digital resilience in education.

Having invested over £180 million to transform their digital landscape, all maintained schools in Wales have superfast internet connectivity and future-proofed digital infrastructure with more than 239,000 new devices provided for practitioners and learners. This has built strong digital foundations from which to deliver transformative digital learning experiences in the Curriculum for Wales.