• Getting started

    Adopting Hwb in your school, prerequisites, setting up accounts and more.

  • User management

    Help with your Hwb account, including passwords, creating accounts, deactivating or reactivating accounts and more.

  • Hwb tools

    Includes personalised assessments, resources, playlists, networks, classes and more.

  • Microsoft

    Includes Office 365, licensing and installation, Minecraft and more.

  • Google Workspace for Education

    Help with Google Workspace through Hwb, including Calendar, Docs, Drive, Forms, Chromebooks and more.

  • Just2easy

    Creativity tools, apps and games for Maths, English, Computing and more.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Express

    How to create graphics, web stories and video presentations.

  • Flipgrid

    Online video discussion platform that helps teachers see and hear from every learner in class.

  • Live lessons

    Includes live-streaming, video-conferencing, pre-recorded lessons and more.

  • Wales Apple Regional Training Centre

    A community of educators and institutions who provide online and face to face training.

  • Personalised assessments

    Information for key stakeholders who do not have direct access to the personalised assessment web pages.

  • Education Digital Standards and guidance

    Help with school digital environments, including network and data security, broadband connectivity, wireless networking and more.

  • Device management

    How to manage Chrome and Windows device settings, restrictions, deploying apps and extensions.

  • Trust centre

    How Hwb helps you stay safe online, including data protection, security controls and compliance.

Hwb Service Desk

Telephone: 03000 25 25 25