Preparing and implementing Curriculum for Wales will require significant change to current practice. It may also include change to the school’s policies and structures as schools consider the best method of organising the school in order to best implement Curriculum for Wales.

Having developed a shared vision for the school, this vision needs to be realised. An important part of this is to share with staff, learners, parents/carers, governors and other stakeholders.

With significantly less prescription in Curriculum for Wales, staff should be encouraged to reflect on current practice, take evidence-informed risks and to innovate as the school explores curriculum making based upon purposes and progression. The Curriculum for Wales guidance provides additional detail and guidance to help you in this.

Areas to consider

Some areas schools could consider within this area are:

  • a shared vision
  • a culture of enquiry and risk-taking
  • innovation.

Associated resources

The playlist resources below show how some schools have addressed some or more of the above aspects.