This aspect aligns very closely to the requirements and content of Curriculum for Wales itself and outlines some of the professional learning that will develop practitioners’ understanding, together with ongoing enquiry and exploration to deepen understanding of addressing learner needs, improving pedagogy and refining as appropriate via further innovation.

Leaders and teachers should ensure they are familiar with the Curriculum for Wales guidance, the principles of progression and the content of the areas of learning and experience, together with the associated cross-curricular skills.

This will enable the vision and professional developments undertaken on earlier stages of the journey to be realised through effective planning and delivery of authentic learning experiences for the learners, via a locally developed curriculum providing a continuity of learning across the cluster.

With significantly less prescription in the new curriculum, a culture where staff engage and reflect on current practice using evidence and research should be encouraged. This will lead to staff conducting professional enquiries where evidence-informed risks are taken to support innovation and determine ‘what works’ as the school explores curriculum making based upon purposes and progression.

Areas to consider

Some areas schools could consider within this area are:

  • Learning through the wider learning system
    • Working through clusters and networks
    • Shared approach to curriculum design
    • Authentic and relevant learning experiences
    • Continued collaboration with stakeholders
    • Pedagogy for learner progression
  • Establishing a culture of enquiry and exploration
    • Professional enquiry
    • Deepen understanding of the curriculum
    • Audit/evaluate progress
    • Further innovation

Resources are being developed by schools to support the professional learning in this area but this aspect will be developed further during the academic year 2020/21.

An important aspect here is facilitating engagement and learning with the wider professional community to further develop our understanding of pedagogy and practice. This will be supported through the National Pedagogy Project and cross-regional professional learning programmes.

Associated resources (Enquiry)

The playlist resources below show how some schools have addressed some or more of the above aspects.