The foundation of the curriculum for professional learning in common standards across all roles.

Significant work has been undertaken to review the professional standards for teachers and leaders and practitioners assisting teaching in schools.

Professional standards are intended to:

  • set clear expectations about effective practice during a practitioner’s career including, where applicable, entry to the profession
  • enable practitioners to reflect on their practice, individually and collectively, against nationally agreed standards of effective practice and affirm and celebrate their successes
  • support practitioners to identify areas for further professional development
  • form a backdrop to the performance management process.

The new Professional Standards for Teaching and Leadership reflect practice that is consistent with the realisation of the new curriculum.

When individual practitioners are engaging in professional learning, they should be clear about how it supports their work in relation to the professional standards.

Reflect on a ‘Talking Head’ video from a lead school improvement expert focusing on the importance of this element in the context of the wider national approach.


Consider research commissioned by Welsh Government to inform the evidence base for this element of the national approach.

Professional standards