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Internet Watch Foundation hotline: a disturbing new trend

Tamsin McNally, Internet Watch Foundation Hotline Manager

Tamsin discusses a disturbing new trend that has affected thousands of internet users.

Sextortion (Sexually coerced extortion)

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

In this article the IWF explains what sextortion is and what to do if you, your child or someone you know are a victim of sextortion.

A guide to Esports

Jim Gamble QPM, Chief Executive Officer of the INEQE Safeguarding Group

Jim provides some facts around esports, which is rising in popularity, as well as tips on how to support children and young people who watch or participate in competitions online.

Report Harmful Content


In this article from SWGfL, the role of its national reporting centre in providing advice about all types of online harm and signposting users to the correct services is explained. 

Keeping safe online youth group

Carys-Megan James

Carys reflects on the first session of the 'Keeping safe online' youth group, which took place in January 2023.

A review of harmful content online

Jim Gamble QPM, Chief Executive Officer of the INEQE Safeguarding Group

Jim talks about the impact that harmful behaviours exhibited by online personalities or influencers can have and provides advice on how to support someone who has been exposed to or is engaging with harmful content.

Teaching fact checking in schools

Joseph O’Leary, Training Manager, Full Fact

Joe explains the importance of critical thinking when exploring misinformation with children and young people in the classroom.

Extremism and radicalisation

Faith McCready, National Strategic Lead, Wales Police Schools Programme (WPSP)

Faith explores the threat of extremism and radicalisation and how we can support children and young people who may encounter this online.

What is the Metaverse?

Jim Gamble QPM, Chief Executive Officer of the INEQE Safeguarding Group

Jim explains what the early stages of Metaverse technology looks like and the possibilities and risks as it develops.

Managing your digital footprint and reputation

Richard Wall and Elaina Brutto, Careers Wales

Careers Wales explore how to effectively manage your digital footprint and reputation so that it has a positive impact on your future employment.

Online issues and worries from the perspective of young people

Andrew Collins, ProMo-Cymru

Andrew explains the approach that was taken in developing bespoke advice specifically for children and young people to support them with online issues or worries.

Children's Rights in the digital world

Sally Holland, Children’s Commissioner for Wales

Sally discusses children’s rights in the digital world and the importance of ensuring that young people can shape the digital spaces they inhabit.

Why cyber resilience within schools is a concern for the senior leadership team, not the IT department

Symon Kendall, Detective Sergeant at Tarian Regional Cyber Crime Unit

Symon defines cyber resilience and explains why it is essential for head teachers and senior leaders to take ownership of it within their institutions.

Children’s Gaming4Good. Yes, really.

Tim Mitchell, Content Director at GetSafeOnline

Tim discusses the benefits that gaming offers children and young people and the risks posed by in-game purchases. 

Dr Zoe Hilton, Director at Praesidio Safeguarding

Zoe shares the findings of research that Praesidio led on behalf of TikTok examining what is known about how young people engage with dangerous online challenges and hoaxes. 

TikTok Videos targeting teachers - Support from Professionals Online Safety Helpline

Carmel Glassbrook, Project Lead for Professionals Online Safety Helpline at SWGfL

Carmel discusses the viral trend of targeting teachers on social media platforms and provides information on the service that the Professionals Online Safety Helpline can offer teachers who require support with reporting content or their wellbeing. 

Online child sexual grooming:  Abuse and manipulation through communication

Professor Nuria Lorenzo-Dus, Applied Linguistics, Swansea University

Professor Nuria Lorenzo-Dus discusses the manipulation tactics used in online child sexual grooming communication and the work that is being done to safeguard children online, which includes the Dragon-S project.

Online grooming: Let's close the door to online child sexual abusers

Susie Hargreaves, OBE, CEO of Internet Watch Foundation

Susie discusses the role of the IWF in making the internet a safer place for children across the world and their recent awareness raising campaigns.


The complexity of being a digital citizen

Helen King, Director at Praesidio Safeguarding

Helen discusses the complexity for children and young people growing up in a space where digital technology is omnipresent.

Treating children differently in a digital world

Helen Thomas, Senior Policy Officer (Wales) at the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Helen explains what The Children's code is for, why it is needed and how it affects schools.

The impact of social media on self esteem and how to help

Stephanie Hoffman, Head of Social Action at ProMo-Cymru

Stephanie discusses the impact of social media on self-esteem. She highlights a number of calls by young people to the Meic helpline and how they were resolved.

Online sexual harassment amongst young people: The thing that is happening online but nobody talks about

Will Gardner OBE, CEO Childnet International 

Will discusses the issue of online sexual harassment facing young people and the impact of unacceptable online behaviours, highlighting the importance of empowering  young people to step up and speak up.

Learning in an age of misinformation

Kelly Mendoza, Sr. Director of Education Programs, Common Sense Education

Dr. Kelly Mendoza, Sr. Director of Education Programs from Common Sense Education discusses the role that we can play in helping children to become critical consumers and creators of news and media.

It was never a dress: the importance of diversity in cyber security

Clare Johnson, Partnerships and Outreach Manager (Digital and STEM), University of South Wales

Clare talks about the importance of diversity in the cyber security industry. She sets out the current state of play in the industry, highlights the advantages of increased diversity, explores unconscious bias and some of the actions that can be done to improve diversity. 

Sharing nudes

David Wright, UK Safer Internet Centre Director

David explains the latest research around the sharing of nude and semi-nude images by young people around the world. He also discusses gender imbalance, how incidents have been responded to, the latest guidance and the recent increases in incidents of sharing nudes or semi-nudes.