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Personalised assessments

Online personalised assessments provide a tailored assessment experience for each learner. The purpose of these assessments is to help all learners develop their skills through understanding what they can do, the things they need to work on, and their next steps. The assessments provide schools with information on the skills of individual learners and whole classes. All learners in Years 2 to 9 in maintained schools in Wales will take the assessments which will be phased in as follows:

  • 2018/19 academic year – learners start taking Numeracy (Procedural) online
  • 2019/20 academic year – learners start taking Reading online
  • 2020/21 academic year – learners start taking Numeracy (Reasoning) online.

Accessing the assessments

To access the assessments you will need to log in to Hwb. Once logged in select the personalised assessments icon in either the Hwb dashboard or the Hwb tools.

This video shows how to log in to Hwb and access the personalised assessments website.

Guidance and support

Guidance on the personalised assessments, including scheduling and taking assessments, and accessing feedback, is available on the assessments website once logged into Hwb. Select the personalised assessments icon, and click ‘Help’ to access videos, a user guide and familiarisation assessments.

For support on managing school users’ Hwb accounts please refer to this guide. Alternatively, please contact hwb@gov.wales or 0300 0252525.

For support on the personalised assessments, please contact the Assessment Helpdesk on 029 2026 5099 or help@personalisedassessments.wales.

Schools can book a webinar session on personalised assessments, including administering and making best use of learner feedback and reports.

Useful links

National Reading and Numeracy Tests Administration Handbook - includes administration guidance on the personalised assessments.

Personalised assessments – IT guidance for schools
[File type: PDF | File size: 300 KB]

Personalised assessments – frequently asked questions for schools (FAQs)
[File type: PDF | File size: 200 KB]

For more information on personalised assessments visit the Learning Wales website.