What you need to know

As children and young people become more active online, there is an increased possibility they will come across inappropriate content. This can range from mild bad language to extreme illegal graphic videos. Children may come across this content accidentally or intentionally through search engines or by using apps/websites before they reach the recommended age. Even news content such as war imagery may be distressing to some children or young people.

Ofcom reported that 30% of 8-15 year-olds in Wales say they have seen worrying or nasty content online (Children and parents: media use and attitudes report 2021).

Seeing inappropriate content can have a negative and long lasting impact on a child or young person. It’s important to support children to manage their online experience to minimise the risks of viewing something harmful.



Offensive or upsetting content such as online abuse or threats, self-harm or suicide content or unwanted sexual advances can be reported to Report Harmful Content.


Inappropriate or sexual images or videos of someone you believe to be under 18, can be reported anonymously to the Internet Watch Foundation.

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