This curriculum has been developed for funded non-maintained nursery settings to adopt, should they wish to do so. It is, primarily, for use by the following:

  • leaders, practitioners and management committees of non-maintained nursery settings that are funded to deliver early education in Wales
  • early years advisory teachers, or those in equivalent roles in local authorities and regional consortia, who support settings in the planning and delivery of early education
  • other organisations who provide professional support to non-maintained settings
  • leaders, practitioners and management committees of non-maintained nursery settings which are not funded to deliver early education but which are required, under the National Minimum Standards for Regulated Childcare, to deliver practice in line with the statutory curriculum requirements

In fulfilling the Welsh Government’s statutory duty, this curriculum meets the following requirements:

  • it enables learners to develop in the way described in the four purposes of the curriculum
  • it is broad and balanced
  • it is suitable for learners of differing ages, abilities and aptitudes
  • it provides appropriate progression for all learners

This curriculum also:

  • covers the six areas of learning and experience
  • encompasses the 27 statements of what matters
  • reflects the principles of progression
  • encompasses the mandatory curriculum elements, including the mandatory cross-curricular skills

Settings which choose to adopt this curriculum should use it in its entirety to support effective planning to ensure the provision of a developmentally appropriate curriculum for our youngest learners.

Further information, in the form of frequently asked questions, on foundation learning in schools and funded non-maintained nursery settings is available.

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