These distance learning resources are aimed at supporting Seren Academy Year 12 students on their journey to study at the leading universities in Wales, the UK, and overseas, by providing a range of interactive distance learning materials, live online events, webinars, videos and podcasts all designed to stretch and challenge within specific subject areas.

For Year 13 students, the resources provide an opportunity to continue learning, read widely around their chosen degree course, obtain advice and guidance on university life, and gain insight into studying at a leading university as they make the transition from school into higher education.

The resources also provide beneficial information and support for teachers, parents and carers.

Year 12 and 13

Year 12 and 13

For learners

A student perspective of the application process and life at Oxford University

Choosing Subjects and Universities (Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge)

Effective note taking (Bath University)

Effective personal presentation skills (Bath University)

Explaining the UCAS process (Bath University)

Guidance on how to choose a university (Bath University)

How to choose a university course (Bath University)

How to show passion for your subject (The Brilliant Club)

How to write the best personal statement (Bath University)

Informed choices – Help to understand which subjects open up different degrees (Russell Group)

Life at university: accommodation and living at university (The Brilliant Club)

Living on a budget at university (Bath University)

Official Guide for an Oxford Applicant: Undergraduate (YouTube video)

Oxbuddy – Buddy up with a student studying at Oxford

Oxford and Cambridge: The similarities and the differences

Oxford University Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT) – interactive livestream sessions

Oxford University podcast – Undergraduates’ perspective on managing money while studying

Staircase 12 – Thinking About Applying to a Top Uni? (Oxford University)

Studying at Oxford – a guide for applicants

Thinking about university (The Brilliant Club)

Undergraduate study (Cambridge University)

UniBuddy – Q&A with university students (Southampton University)

UniBuddy – Chat with students and staff (Bangor University)

Unibuddy - Chat with students (Cardiff University)

University virtual tour (Bristol University)

What was your first week at University like? (Southampton University)

Why Go To University? (Bath University)

Young Person’s Mental Health Toolkit (Welsh Government)

A Level Biology Podcasts

Ask a physicist!

Ask a biologist!

Astronomy – picture of the day with explanations

BBC Chemistry documentaries

BBC Science and Nature podcasts

Biology Olympiad – KS5 Intermediate Olympiad KS

British Physics Olympiad – past papers and solutions to physics problem solving questions

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

Cambridge University: Super-curricular reading list suggestions (PDF)


Chemistry Good Reads – a list of popular chemistry books

Chemistry podcasts (Oxford University)

Chemistry World – news, articles and podcasts (Royal Society of Chemistry)

Chemistry World podcasts – chemical stories, interviews, news and opinions

Chartered Institute of Marketing – editorial features and blog

Get involved with people-powered research at Zooniverse

Gresham College – Lecture series

iBiology – talks by some of the world’s leading scientists

Join the UK’s largest online student community

NASA – news, articles, and STEM activities for students of all ages

National Geographic

Nature World – science journal

Oxford Museum of Natural History – #MoreThanADoodle

Oxplore – stimulate your intellectual curiosity

Oxford Sparks – online portal for engaging with exciting science – news, articles, and a database of 4000 physics websites

Physics Zone – resources, simulations and experiments

Podbean – education podcasts

Project Gutenburg – library of over 60,000 free and out of copyright ebooks

Royal Society of Chemistry – analysis resources

Royal Society of Biology – activities and competitions for secondary school students

Science: Selective Attention (The Brilliant Club)

Study Resources from the Royal Society of Chemistry

Super curricular suggestions (University of Cambridge)

TEDx Talks – Dive into a library of talks on just about every subject and topic

The Infinite Monkey Cage (BBC Radio 4)

The Naked Scientists – podcasts and science radio shows

The Oxford Science Blog

The Royal Society

The Scientist magazine – free newsletters and articles

TWDK (Things We Don't Know) – understanding science

Please note: Many of the resources are available in English only. We have included the Welsh-medium versions wherever possible.