• How does Hwb help my child learn?

    Hwb is a website (or online platform) that helps teachers teach and pupils learn. It has lots of free apps and software, virtual classrooms, and a massive bank of materials for use in the classroom or online with pupils. It can also be used to share schools’ work and join up with other schools on projects. Hwb was designed and built in Wales and is world-class.

    How do teachers use Hwb to teach?

    Teachers can set up virtual classrooms and use applications like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams to set questions and see all the answers. They can use Hwb tools and resources to make lessons and set work. Resources are available by age group across all subject areas.

    How will my child use Hwb?

    It’s on the web, so using almost any computer or tablet. Your child can visit and click on resources to browse things of interest, but their school will have provided a username and password to log into Hwb, and instructions on where they will be setting work (Google Classroom, Teams, J2e etc.). That way, work and information specific to your child will only be seen by them.

    How do I find out what’s on Hwb?

    You can take a look round Hwb at any time without a username or password. Why not start by looking at ‘Resources’, which shows the kind of examples that are available. To see the work set by the school you need to log in with your child.

    What’s the helpline number and email?

    Please use email if you can as the team is getting a very high number of calls at the moment.

    03000 25 25 25

    How does my child log in?

    Using a username and password given to them by the school.

    Can I download the free applications and examples onto my computer to help my child? How do I do that?

    Yes you can. Parents – not others - can download a fantastic range for use in the home. See

    What do I do if my child has a problem logging on or doesn’t have a password?

    Learners will have usernames and passwords provided by their school.  The username will end in Contact your school initially if there’s a problem.

  • As with school normally, you need to ask your child to see their tasks and work. Through Hwb, your child has an individual log-on address, but parents do not have separate access. Tasks are set and marked by teachers using online tools like Google Classroom. High schools often use a homework app for both parents and pupils to track work – your school will let you know if that’s the case.

    The videos below show how learners access some popular tools:


    How to access on a mobile device

    How to access on a computer

    Google Classroom

    How to access Google Classroom through Hwb

    Office 365 – TEAMS

    How to access Office 365 and Teams through Hwb


    How to access J2e through Hwb

  • How does my child find Hwb and log on?

  • A wide range of applications is available to logged-in learners via the Hwb platform’s menu including:

    • Office 365 (See how to download the latest version of Microsoft Office at home here)
    • Google for Education (Mobile apps available in your device’s app store)
    • Adobe Spark (Mobile apps available in your device’s app store)
    • Flipgrid (Mobile apps available in your device’s app store)
    • Just2easy (Mobile apps available in your device’s app store)
    • Encyclopaedia Britannica
    • Playlists
    • Hwb Classes
    • Assignments
    • User management (all users, except primary school learners, can reset their own passwords.)

    Download Microsoft Office 365

    Here’s an introduction to Minecraft:

  • A wide range of resources is available to support distance learning. Here are links to materials available on Hwb, and useful external links:

    Hwb resources

    BBC Bitesize

    Distance Learning materials from Adobe

  • Within the Continuation of Learning Strategy it is paramount that there is equity for all. Part of this equity is to ensure ALN learners have access to the relevant Hwb tools so they can engage in their learning through the different digital platforms. This section provides ‘how to guides’ on how parents/carers can support children with ALN.


    Microsoft tools that support children to read and write


    j2e - Talk function - Parents/Carers

    Encyclopaedia Britannica

    How to access Encyclopaedia Britannica

  • There are various different ways, examples below explain how it can happen.

    MS Teams

    Turn in an assignment in Microsoft Teams


    Sharing a file with someone outside school

    MS Teams and Google Classroom

  • In the current crisis wellbeing is at the forefront of everyone’s minds and should be a priority when supporting learners. In this section there are ‘how to guides’ to support parents/carers to help their children submit work and access feedback.

    Google Classroom

    Accessing Feedback in Google classroom


    Accessing feedback from my teacher

    MS Teams

    Accessing Feedback in Teams