Adobe Spark for Education is officially available bilingually through Hwb.

Wales is the first country in the world to deploy Adobe Spark on a national scale.

We’ve worked in close partnership with Adobe to make Spark free for teachers and learners in Wales, accessed using Hwb login details and supported by community, resources and training.

Spark Your Creativity

The default language for the Adobe Spark app is determined by your browser’s default language setting. You can also change the default language for Adobe Spark by following these steps:

  1. Log into Hwb and click on the Adobe Spark tile;
  2. Wait for the page to load and click on your profile (often represented by a coloured circle in the top right hand corner) Click Settings;
  3. Under Language > Choose your preferred language (e.g.  Welsh) > wait for the page to refresh;
  4. Click the cross in the top right to close the pop up. The app will then be presented with the interface in Welsh.

Getting started with Adobe Spark (log in to Hwb to view this webinar)

Adobe Education Exchange Wales page

Hwb resources from Adobe Creative Educators

Adobe Creative Educator Level 1 course (English only)

Adobe Spark webinars for educators (you must be logged in to Hwb to watch these videos)

Adobe Spark webinars for learners (you must be logged in to Hwb to watch these videos)

Join the Adobe Community Cymru team for inspiration and support from like-minded colleagues across Wales.

There is a fantastic community of Hwb users across Wales who are doing amazing activities with their learners through the Hwb toolset.  We always see lots of help and advice being offered on social media but wanted to provide our community with a one-stop shop for this information.  As such we have created a Peer Support area, a central place on Hwb that everyone can see and that allows everyone an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience.

Please visit this page for Adobe Spark peer support.

For more information on using Adobe Spark please visit our Support Centre or join the Adobe Community Cymru team.