360 safe Cymru

360 safe Cymru is an interactive online safety self-review tool developed by the South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) Trust for schools and education settings in Wales.  The tool allows schools or settings to review their online safety provision, benchmark it against good practice and other schools, produce action plans and access a range of relevant resources and policy templates.

  • free to all maintained schools and education settings in Wales and available in Welsh and English
  • can inform the production or review of online safety policies
  • allows collaborative online use by staff, with opportunities for commitment and involvement from the whole school or setting.
  • a process for identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as providing immediate feedback and suggested actions to support progression
  • records comments, sources of evidence and action points
  • compiles a wide range of reports that can be saved or printed
  • provides benchmark data and allows comparisons with national averages to guide schools and settings in discussing how they might move from a basic level provision for online safety to practice that is aspirational and innovative
  • creates certification as schools and settings progress in their use of the tool, with the opportunity for those who reach the benchmark levels to apply for the Online Safety Mark
  • offers a set of policy templates which schools can adapt for their own use and links to a wide range of relevant resources.

The tool can only be accessed by users with a Hwb log in and password.  Each school or setting has their own 360 safe Cymru account and is able to register as many users as they wish.  It is also possible to assign one of these users the position of administrator who in turn will be able to assign administrator permissions to other staff members.  Most schools in Wales now have a 360 safe Cymru account, but for those wishing to register or identify users in their school or setting, please email or use the 360 safe Cymru contact form.


Is my Hwb account registered with 360 safe Cymru?

  1. Log in to Hwb and click on 360 safe Cymru on your homepage.
  2. If you are registered, your school’s or setting's 360 safe Cymru review dashboard will be displayed as well as your name and school or setting in the profile box in the top right of the window.
  3. If you are not registered:
    (a) Complete the online registration form with your name and Hwb email address. Your school’s or setting's 360 safe Cymru administrator will be informed of your registration.
    (b) You will be sent a time limited verification email i.e. you must respond on the same working day.

The 360 safe Cymru tool allows you to rate your school or setting against a number of different online safety criteria.  It is structured into:

The elements provide the highest level in the structure, defining the 4 main categories in which the review is carried out.

Each element provides the starting point for the review and consists of a number of strands.

There are 11 strands in total divided between the four elements. Each strand is then further divided into aspects.

There are 28 aspects in total divided between the strands.  Within each aspect there are 5 level statements ranging from Level 5 to Level 1, with Level 1 representing the highest level of achievement.  Schools or settings select the statement that best reflects their current position.  The benchmark level for the Online Safety Mark is indicated alongside the relevant level statement.

The review dashboard provides an overview of your school’s or setting’s progress and the areas of online safety that need improvement within the tool. The radar graph shows the levels you have selected for each aspect (green), along with the current national level (blue) and recommended benchmark levels (red).

For more information about using 360 safe Cymru please visit FAQ & Support.