National strategy for educational research and enquiry (NSERE)

Our National Mission has research embedded across the enabling objectives. The Welsh Government’s national strategy for educational research and enquiry (NSERE) will ensure that research, enquiry and evidence play a meaningful role in the development of practice in all aspects of the education system.

Central to the ecosystem are the school and the classroom, with learners, leaders, teachers and those supporting learning engaging with enquiry and evidence in a way that enables learners to engage with the curriculum and practitioners to operate as critical and informed professionals. Some practitioners will also become ‘makers’ of research – close-to-practice researchers who share their work with others to enable them to improve practice – but the majority, will become better at enquiring and making use of research and evidence to inform the decisions they make about planning, resourcing, enabling and assessing learning. The move to a national enquiry programme will be crucial in supporting this transition, with a pivotal role for lead enquiry schools in developing other practitioners through a cascade delivery model.

To develop and support the research, enquiry and evidence eco-system in Wales, the objectives of the NSERE include building the knowledge, expertise and research base of the self-improving system by supporting collaboration at and across all levels to create an enquiring culture.

In the context of our National Mission, the priority areas of research and enquiry for our NSERE include:

  • The new curriculum, and its impact on the learning and achievement of pupils and students
  • Our approach to and progress in the development of a high-quality education profession.

The Research, Enquiry and Evidence Eco-System

In terms of the NSERE ecosystem, during Year 1 of the professional enquiry programme, pioneers developed their ‘Teacher as Enquirer’ capacity. During Year 2, pioneers will refine their enquiry skills as they become ‘teachers as close to practice researchers,’ sharing enquiry outputs with the wider system in readiness to support the ‘The Middle Tier’ core of the ecosystem during Year 3, with the move to a national approach to professional enquiry.