The National Pedagogy Project has been developed to:

  • facilitate conversation, collaboration and enquiry in order to support exploration and reflection on the pedagogical principles
  • help shape our ongoing vision for learning as we realise Curriculum for Wales and support learners in realising the four purposes of Curriculum for Wales

This involves exploring the ‘why’ and ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’ of teaching and engages us in reflecting on the full range of interactions and relationships that lead to learning.

Together our national exploration of pedagogy will continue to deepen our understanding of the 12 pedagogical principles and how they interact and work together to support learner progression. Our exploration will explore strategies that take into account:

  • motivation and learner readiness recognising the effect of emotions on learning
  • learning experiences that engage learners and aspire to meet individual learning needs
  • productive interactions and relationships
  • feedback for progression that motivates, engages and promotes success

There are 3 key elements to the work of the pedagogy project:

  • sharing practice and reflection – easily accessible, timely and relevant opportunities and resources that support professional engagement, dialogue and reflection
  • deepening understanding – exploring innovative practice through professional learning and enquiry in an evidence-informed way
  • research development – developing academic research at national level to underpin our system-wide understanding of pedagogy

The importance of collaboration and sharing has come to the fore during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and we need to continue to learn from each other within and across regions in Wales.

We are continuing to collaborate with regional consortia and local authorities to widen our exploration of pedagogy and provide more opportunities for people to engage through networks, programmes and enquiry projects.

Collaborative working with regional consortia, local authorities and the National Academy for Educational Leadership Wales will also focus on and promote conversations regarding the leadership of pedagogy. This includes the use of the resource ‘Talk pedagogy for leaders to stimulate and deepen conversations within and across schools.

Collaborative activity between universities, regional consortia and schools will support the development of research-informed resources that will deepen our conversations and promote professional enquiry.