Talk Pedagogy

Talk Pedagogy: this provides teachers with rich opportunities to discuss, share and reflect together.

The Professional Learning Journey (PLJ)

This provides rich examples of how practitioners have reflected on the exploration and leadership of pedagogy. The links below will take you to a range of resources that form part of the PLJ that you can explore.

The National Professional Enquiry Project

This provides examples of where schools have used enquiry to reflect on pedagogy. The links below will take you to the specific sections of NPEP linked to pedagogy and assessment.

School as learning organisations (SLO)

Schools as learning organisations (SLO): realising a shared vision for learning and pedagogy and leading a collaborative culture of professional learning and enquiry will be supported by active engagement with the SLO model. Alongside the ‘Talk pedagogy for leaders resource, the National Academy for Educational Leadership Wales is working collaboratively with regional consortia to develop a range of engagement activities to support the strategic leadership of pedagogy within the context of different aspects of the SLO model.

The professional standards for teaching and leadership

The professional standards for teaching and leadership: these set out the expectations of teachers, leaders and support staff at each stage of their journey. The standard for effective pedagogy is paramount and provides descriptors of how teachers, leaders and those supporting teaching should be progressing throughout their careers.

The national resource: evaluation and improvement

The national resource: evaluation and improvement 

  • The Pedagogy section of the resource features prompts and resources for the evaluation of pedagogy.
  • The ‘Talk pedagogy for leaders resource stimulates conversation and deeper reflection that can support evaluation against these prompts.

The Wales Collaborative for Learning Design project

This project has been developed to support the increasingly important domain of remote learning as part of a blend of approaches to learning and teaching. Universities and regional consortia develop activity and professional learning opportunities that will promote skill development, creativity and innovation within the online learning environment.

The National Strategy for Educational Research and Enquiry (NSERE)

The National Strategy for Educational Research and Enquiry (NSERE):NSERE will build the capacity required to support research and enquiry focused on the needs of the Welsh education system.

The National Masters Programme

The National Masters Programme

This allows teachers to develop high-level research and enquiry skills within an accreditation framework. As research is undertaken, opportunities will be provided for the sharing of pedagogy-related activity and findings with the wider system through ‘Talk Pedagogy’.