Provides more access and flexibility, ensures learning is grounded in practice.

When we talk about ‘the blend’ in professional learning, we are referring to a balance of four approaches.

  • Live – instructional or collaborative learning, outside the practitioner’s classroom.
  • E-based – online, using digital tools for accessing content, and for communication and collaboration.
  • Classroom – practice-based learning, often driven by action research or close to practice research.
  • Coached learning – working closely with a coach, who can focus on the specific personal learning needs of the practitioner.

Achieving the right blend between these approaches can maximise opportunities for practitioners and leaders.

Reflect on a ‘Talking Head’ video from an expert in flexible blended learning focusing on the importance of this element in the context of the wider national approach.


Consider research commissioned by Welsh Government to inform the evidence base for this element of the national approach.