What are the requirements

All NQTs must hold QTS and must register in the category of school teacher with the Education Workforce Council (EWC) before their statutory induction period can commence and before they can be employed as a teacher in a maintained school.

All NQTs must complete a full induction period. For NQTs employed on a full-time basis this is 3 school terms. For NQTs employed on a part-time basis or as a short-term supply teacher this is 380 sessions, the equivalent of 3 school terms. One school session is defined as one morning or afternoon of employment in a school as a qualified teacher. Schools must provide NQTs with 10% non-contact time to enable them to undertake their induction activities; this is in addition to the statutory non-contact time for planning, preparation and assessment (PPA).

Induction profile and professional standards

The induction profile, via the Professional Learning Passport (external link), will form the basis of the professional dialogue between the NQT, the induction mentor and the external verifier.

NQTs who started their induction on or after 1 September 2017 must work to the professional standards for teaching and leadership.

The professional standards for teaching and leadership consist of five professional standards with overarching values and dispositions. Each professional standard is divided into elements with descriptors that exemplify the application of each standard.

The successful completion of induction will require evidence against all the descriptors.

NQTs who began their induction prior to 1 September 2017 will continue their induction using the practising teacher standards (PTS) they commenced with and should continue using their original induction profile. Following the successful completion of their induction period, they will adopt the new professional standards for teaching and leadership.

NQTs who started their induction period before 1 September 2012 should continue to use the support materials for assessment, observation and target-setting and the PTS.

Career entry profile

NQTs can access their career entry profile (CEP) via the Professional Learning Passport on the Education Workforce Council (EWC) website. The CEP should inform the dialogue with the IM on areas that the NQT needs to develop during the induction period.

Roles and responsibilities during induction

Effective induction is achieved through a partnership between a number of key people. Further information on roles and responsibilities is provided in the induction guidance: Induction for newly qualified teachers in Wales (revised July 2017).