Short-term supply

NQTs undertaking induction through the short-term supply route must complete a minimum of 380 school sessions. During this time they will use the PLP to demonstrate evidence of meeting the professional standards. One school session is defined as one morning or one afternoon of employment as a qualified teacher in an appropriate setting.

Short-term supply teachers must take responsibility for:

  • completing the EWC’s Induction Notification as a short term supply form (external link) within 10 days of the start of employment and each time the NQT moves school during their induction period
  • logging all school sessions with EWC, within 10 days of completion by using the Professional Learning Passport (external link)
  • ensuring sessions are verified by the headteacher or senior leader at the school using the relevant section of their induction profile before they move on to another school
  • attending training events for short term supply teachers. These can be found on their consortia website, or by contacting their local authority induction coordinator or consortium. Details of training events/twilight sessions are also often publicised in our Dysg newsletter