These materials have been produced from the work and thinking of participants in the Camau i'r Dyfodol project, set up to bring the expertise and experience of education professionals together to build capacity for learning progression. They are designed to support schools to build a shared understanding of Curriculum for Wales as a purpose-led, process-orientated curriculum.

The Curriculum for Wales guidance is a clear statement of what is important in delivering a broad and balanced education. A school’s curriculum is everything a learner experiences in pursuit of the four purposes. It is not simply what we teach, but how we teach and crucially, why we teach it. The Curriculum for Wales challenges us to think about why specific learning matters, and how the essence of learning and progression should underpin different knowledge, skills, topics and learning activities. This articulates a purpose-led, process-orientated approach to curriculum design. These materials are informed by this approach, and our ongoing support for curriculum reform will seek to support a shared understanding of this and the implications for curriculum design, progression and assessment.