Policy insight events

Since 2020, we have been running ‘Policy Insight Events’ to keep stakeholders up to date with professional learning developments.

The interactive 1 hour sessions are delivered by school practitioners seconded to Welsh Government. They are held virtually and are also made available asynchronously as a video or Hwb playlist. Recent events can be accessed offline in the recent resources section, with previous events hosted in the archive.

12 October 2021: 2 to 3 pm (Tuesday)

Policy insight: National Resource: Evaluation and Improvement

A pilot of the new national resource, developed by schools, regions, Welsh Government and Estyn is being undertaken by over 100 schools.

This is your opportunity to find out more about the national resource, its structure and content. Next steps for its development following the initial pilot will also be shared, together with showcasing some of the supporting resources being developed ahead of a full national pilot in November.

11 November 2021: 1 to 3pm (Thursday)

Policy insight: Latest Professional Learning Developments (1 hour)/National Professional Enquiry Project (NPEP) Re-launch (1 hour)*

Delegates can attend both events or just one.

An overview of the latest Welsh Government professional learning policy developments to support the new curriculum including collaboration with experts to support important priorities, ongoing work to support learning design and the review of the National Approach to Professional Learning.

The second half of this event will provide an opportunity to hear schools involved in the National Professional Enquiry Project (NPEP) talking about their new enquiries during 2021 to 2022.

9 December 2021: 2 to 3pm (Thursday)

Policy insight: Digital Professional Learning Journey (DPLJ) update

Following its launch at the end of the Spring term 2021, the DPLJ has been further developed to include a self-review toolkit for digital learning, education technology and digital resilience,

360digi and 360safe Cymru, together with a growing number of case study example resources from schools sharing their developments in digital learning. This event will share the current developments within the DPLJ and the support available through EdTech and regional partners.

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To access these events offline, please access the recent resources and archive sections.

"Informative events that enable school staff across Wales to be involved."

"So helpful and inspiring, particularly valued during Covid."

"Very useful programme, giving insight into how schools across Wales are engaging with Curriculum 2022."

Here are the recordings from the events held during the summer term 2021. All are in Hwb playlist format and include separate video recordings from each section of the events, together with a full recording of the event.

29 April 2021: policy insight: talk pedagogy

27 May 2021: policy insight: Digital Professional Learning Journey (DPLJ)

1 July 2021: schools as learning organisations (SLO) and strategic leadership of pedagogy

Resources from earlier events.

17 November 2020: policy insight: Professional Learning Journey (PLJ)

26 November 2020: policy insight: Schools as Learning Organisations (SLO)

08 December 2020: policy insight: pedagogy

03 February 2021: policy insight: National Professional Enquiry Project (NPEP)

04 March 2021: policy insight: Schools as Learning Organisations (SLO)

25 March 2021: policy insight: The Professional Learning Journey