1. Developing the Welsh language within your school

‘Cymraeg 2050: A million Welsh speakers’ sets out our ambition of creating a million Welsh speakers by 2050. It includes targets to increase the number of teachers competent to teach Welsh as a subject and other subjects through the medium of Welsh. It also outlines the vision for developing the Welsh language skills of all learners aged 3 to 16 as part of Curriculum for Wales to enable them to use the language in everyday contexts. 

The information within this section will help schools to develop the teaching and use of the Welsh language by providing information on professional learning opportunities, and sign-posting to other key areas for schools to ensure that the Welsh language is considered at their heart.

Developing the Welsh language skills of our practitioners and their ability to teach Welsh and through the medium of Welsh is essential to meet the aims of Cymraeg 2050 and deliver Curriculum for Wales.

The Professional Standards for Teaching and Leadership and Assisting Teaching set out the expectation for practitioners to develop their knowledge and use of Welsh throughout their careers, as well as extending learners’ skills and competence in Welsh.

To support the implementation of the professional standards, we have developed a single Welsh language competency framework for practitioners. The framework sits within the Professional Learning Passport and enables practitioners to note their progress in developing their Welsh language skills form ITE throughout their careers. The framework is also included in the School Workforce Annual Census and all Welsh language professional learning has been mapped to the framework to enable practitioners to easily identify opportunities suitable for them.

The Welsh in Education Teacher Retention Bursary: guidance for applicants.

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