RevealMe is a subscription-based adult chat and entertainment platform used to share pictures, videos, live-streams and phone calls. ‘Models’ can charge their ‘Fans’ a set monthly fee to have access to their account, where fans can then chat and interact with the models they subscribe to. On top of the regular monthly subscription costs, fans can also pay for bespoke content, in the form of images, videos and pre-booked phone calls. The site claims to be the place to interact with “models, influencers and celebrities” but is best known for its popularity among amateur glamour models, with “flirt and fetish” mentioned on the site’s homepage. The content on the platform is highly sexual and is therefore inappropriate for under 18s. Unlike its competitors, RevealMe does not take commission from the models selling content on the website. It is not available to download as an app, but the website can be pinned to home-screens on iOS and Android devices.

The minimum age rating for RevealMe users is 18.

To create a ‘Model’ account, users need to verify their account by using one valid form of government-issued ID. To create a subscriber account, users need to select the box which states “I agree that I am over 18 years of age”. There are no rigorous age verification methods.

Find out more about age ratings in our ‘A parent and carer’s guide to age ratings of apps and games’.

The main appeal for some people to join RevealMe is the notion that it is an easy way to make money by selling user-generated content and/or view explicit content. The site has been likened to OnlyFans, where contributors have been known to make money quickly and easily by selling personal content. RevealMe promises that ‘Models’ on the site keep 100% of their earnings, which can be appealing for those looking to make money quickly.

Young people have been known to join the site to view pornographic content or to try and make money through selling content.

It should be noted that RevealMe is an adult website and users under 18 are not allowed.

  • This is the general term used to describe content creators on the platform.

  • A user on the platform who does not create content, but who views, subscribes and interacts with ‘Models’ on RevealMe.

  • All payments on the platform are made using ‘Gems’. Fans on the platform need to purchase ‘Gems’ using real currency to pay for services provided by the content creator.

  • This is an arrangement between a ‘Fan’ and ‘Model’ to supply content in exchange for a regular recurring fee.

  • ‘Fans’ can interact with ‘Models’ using the messaging service. These can be free or paid for.

  • This refers to the type of interaction between ‘Fan’ and ‘Model’. There are many types, including webcam, phone chats and customised bookings.

RevealMe has an adult age rating which reflects the adult material found on the website. The content on the website is sexual and unsuitable for viewers under 18. ‘Models’ are able to post uncensored, X-rated pictures and videos on the website, as well as host live-streams and organise pre-booked phone calls. Highly sexualised content can be viewed on the main home page, without needing to subscribe to an account, as many models post limited free content to help boost their profile. RevealMe also has a direct messaging chat function, where ‘Models’ and ‘Fans’ can interact directly. This function also has the potential for bad language and additional mature content to be shared. It is not recommended that anyone under 18 accesses the website. If your child should be exposed to content on RevealMe, encourage them to talk to you if they see something that they find upsetting or disturbing. Whilst there are verification methods in place to stop under 18s posting content on the website, it is still worth talking to your child about the dangers of sharing nudes or semi-nudes. It is important to remember that any sexual images or videos containing children under 18 is child sexual abuse material.

The 18+ age rating of RevealMe suggests it is only intended to be used by adults. Whilst there is an age verification process in place to create a ‘Model’ account, anyone can access the website by simply entering an email address. Once users are on the site, they can click on a ‘Model’ to engage with by choosing from their listed options and paying for content. As this is an adult site, with adult users, those under 18 who may access the website will likely be interacting with unknown adults. Speak to your child about the risks of connecting with strangers and explain the importance of not sharing any personal or identifiable information within chats or interactions on the platform. Remind your child to tell you if they have been asked personal questions or to chat privately using a different app. It is not recommended that a child under 18 should access this platform.

The notion of making money quickly and easily on websites like RevealMe can be very appealing to young people and it is frequently talked about on other platforms. Some RevealMe creators, along with influencers and lesser-known celebrities, promote the website on other social media platforms. Exposure to RevealMe on other social media platforms could be confusing for young people who are looking for a way to make money. Talk to your child about the potential harm associated with selling personal images. Users under 18 who may engage in interactions on the platform should also be aware of their conversations or live interactions being screenshotted or recorded, saved and widely shared. They always need to think about the content they share and consider whether they would be happy for everyone they know to see it.  It is not recommended that a child under 18 should access this platform.

RevealMe is a subscription-based service, where creators make money from the content they share. As with any other website or app with on-platform purchases, users need to be aware of the cost required to gain access to more content. Some users may find it difficult to manage purchases on RevealMe, especially as there is no way of setting controls to limit spending. It is not recommended that children under 18 access this platform.

  • As RevealMe is an adult site, there are no parental controls and settings available to manage privacy.

    You can explore the parental controls on your individual devices and broadband service, which may allow you to put filters and blocks in place.

  • As RevealMe has an adult age rating, there are no parental controls and settings available. To limit exposure to explicit content, explore the parental controls on individual devices and broadband services, which may allow for filters and blocks to be put in place.

  • RevealMe does not have ‘Report’ or ‘Block’ functions for ‘Fans’ using the website. However, ‘Models’ can use the ‘Contact us’ function to report a problem.

  • As RevealMe is an adult site, there are no parental controls and settings available to manage time or purchases.

RevealMe is an adult website containing content which is only suitable for adult users. Users under 18 should not access this website, either as a ‘Fan’ or ‘Model’.