National Network for Curriculum Implementation

The National Network brings together teaching professionals, experts, stakeholders, policy makers and enabling partners, including regional consortia and Estyn to identify and address the barriers to, and opportunities for, the implementation of Curriculum for Wales.

  • It is an open platform, with opportunity  for all practitioners in Wales to get involved in national co-construction to address our shared challenges and opportunities. The National Network will:

    • gather and share understanding– bringing together different views, perspectives and expertise nationally to understand how we are progressing, what the challenges are, and how people are responding to these
    • co-construct approaches– together, we will work out what teaching professionals, stakeholders, enabling partners and government can do to overcome these challenges
    • connect people– allow people to network and develop relationships, between teaching professionals, education experts and stakeholders who can help schools and settings directly
    • drive change– conversations will help support and drive implementation at all levels

    The National Network will explore key issues around implementing the curriculum through conversations. These conversations will be held at a national and regional level, in partnership with Welsh Government and regional consortia and, as appropriate, local authorities. These conversations will build on professional learning at a regional level, bringing practitioners together across Wales to develop approaches to national implementation issues.

    Topics for conversation

    The autumn 2021 National Network conversations will discuss:

    • preparation for roll out – are we on the right track?
    • progression
    • resources and supporting materials

    Planning for these conversations by volunteer practitioners will take place in September, with the conversations beginning in October.

    As we move into the spring and summer terms in the 2021-22 academic year, there will be further network conversations on how we approach:

    • well-being in learning
    • diversity in the Curriculum for Wales
    • evaluation and improvement
    • qualifications reform
    • oracy and reading

    Each National Network conversation will be supported by a pack of resources and inputs, including case studies, guidance, and video materials from experts. These will also help to inform work at the local and regional levels.

    Through these conversations working with a range of partners, practitioners will be supported to co-construct key outputs which will be shared nationally and continue to inform curriculum design in schools. This will include:

    • approaches and ideas that practitioners can take back to inform curriculum design and implementation in their schools, settings and communities
    • recommendations for the commissioning and development of specific resources to support schools and settings with their curricula
    • recommendations to shape professional learning to support curriculum implementation

    As we continue to move into the new curriculum, we will also want to hear from you about the topics you want the National Network to discuss. We will put in place ways for you to feed in your suggestions and will ensure that they inform planning for conversations into next year and beyond.

  • In this conversation, practitioners will discuss the challenges, and opportunities, in designing a curriculum with learning progression at the heart. Supported by expert input and other materials, practitioners will tackle key questions including:

    • What is your understanding of progression in Curriculum for Wales? What’s different to how we have previously approached this?
    • Where are you now in terms of developing progression in the new curriculum? What’s helpful in thinking about this, and what isn’t?
    • Moving forward: what support might you need to increase your understanding and application of progression in the new curriculum?

    Practitioners will share their experiences and understanding of progression, and come away with new approaches, questions, and ideas to consider in their own curriculum planning.

    This conversation is just the start of much longer-term work to support the development of progression in Curriculum for Wales. This conversation will help to inform the approach to supporting the development of progression across the system and how this translates into schools’ curricula.

    Video Resources for National Network Conversation – Progression, Autumn 2021

    Brief introduction to the National Network from Lloyd Hopkin, Head of Curriculum Reform

    Professor Robin Banerjee talks about progression

    Professor Louise Hayward, challenges and opportunities in developing progression in the Curriculum for Wales in the pandemic context

    Perspectives from practitioners on approaching progression in their curriculum.

    These examples are to help provide a range of views and approaches, and encourage attendees to think about their own approaches

  • In this conversation, practitioners will work together to discuss their different approaches to the design and development of Curriculum for Wales so far, to bring together what works; to better understand the principles of good curriculum development; and to discuss what further support would be most useful to them in preparation for rollout. This will include key questions like:

    • What has worked well so far in your preparation for the Curriculum for Wales? Why?
    • How are you engaging with different parts of the Curriculum Framework (legislative requirements, Curriculum for Wales: The journey to 2022, guidance including principles of curriculum design, purpose and progression)
    • What are the obstacles in planning, design and development of your curriculum? How can Welsh Government and the Middle Tier support you in this journey over the longer term?
    • Which particular aspects need specific support, and what should that support look like?

    Video Resources for  National Network Conversation – Preparing for Roll Out, Autumn 2021

    Brief introduction to the National Network  from Lloyd Hopkin, Head of Curriculum Reform

    Schools preparation for the Curriculum for Wales

    Schools overcoming challenges –Alan Edwards, Estyn

    Regional support for schools – James Kent, EAS and Ruth Thackray GWE

  • This conversation will focus on what resources and materials to support curriculum design, teaching and learning should look like in the new context of the Curriculum for Wales. In particular, the conversation will tackle:

    • How should new resources and supporting materials for Curriculum for Wales be different?
    • How should resources support the principles of curriculum design, progression and the 12 pedagogical principles?
    • How can those outside schools and settings (e.g. third sector) support the development of Curriculum for Wales resources and supporting materials?

Book your place

These conversations are only open to practitioners, there will be a separate set of events for all other stakeholders.

Please have a discussion in your school/setting regarding representation at National Network conversations. Funding will be provided to free up the time for schools and settings to send a nominee to each of the Conversations events. There are multiple dates and times available to accommodate schedules.

View a guide to signing up for National Network conversations

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