National Network For Excellence in Science and Technology


A word from the Chair

The National Network for Excellence in Science and Technology (NNEST) were delighted to launch on the 7 December 2017 and excited at the prospect of what can be achieved across Wales in the coming years. The NNEST seeks to bring together partners, linking teachers and representatives from consortia, further education and higher education, with the aim of connecting science and technology practitioners across Wales.

The zone on Hwb provides a central point for information that is useful for all practitioners. As a starting point, this brings together key documentation, events and includes an update on the Science and Technology Area of Learning and Experience Pioneer group. As it evolves, this will also be a point for resources, collated and summarised research and an area for those to develop their subject specific knowledge.

As we go forward, partners will be seeking the views of practitioners to inform the ongoing work of the NNEST as well as information as to how practitioners can engage, and we will continue to work closely with the National Network for Excellence in Mathematics (NNEM).

Tom Crick