Roblox is a hugely popular free online game creator platform where millions of people come together to play, create and share experiences. Instead of being just one game created by a large gaming developer, there are various types of games available in the Roblox library which are user-generated, meaning they have been built by public members of the Roblox community. As the games are user-generated, the options of games available to play continually changes. Roblox offers millions of free, simple and easy to use games.

Official age rating

This is a PEGI rated 7 Game.

Roblox is PEGI rated 7 but users need to be particularly careful with this rating because Roblox is not one game but a constantly evolving library of games. The formal PEGI rating therefore only covers the basic system and Roblox sample games.  In the Apple App Store, the game is rated as 12+.  There are no age verification methods used when creating an account, so ensure your child has entered their correct date of birth to benefit from some of the safety settings.

Find out more about age ratings in our A parent and carer’s guide to age ratings of apps and games.

How children and young people use the app

Roblox is a free, fun and social game where young people can easily make friends and interact with people from around the world. They can build, create and engage in imaginative play as well as communicate with each other. Children and young people enjoy Roblox because of the endless variety of new kinds of games and modes to try. These range from murder mystery to obstacle courses or roleplay. They can also customise their avatars and homes with furnishings to impress their friends through in game purchases. It is a game popularised as a platform of creativity with a big online community.

Potential risks


The most notable content risk to be aware of in Roblox is that it houses a user generated library of games, so the potential to see inappropriate content is always there. There have been cases of new games being uploaded to the Roblox platform that contain explicit images and content and because the platform is user generated, this content is not always taken down immediately. It is important to check in on the content of the game your child is playing because new games become popular all the time and appropriateness of the content may change. Parents and carers should be aware that when ‘Account restrictions’ have been enabled, players can only access the Roblox curated content on the platform, which are generally rated under 13. These games may contain some mild cartoon combat, but the list is restricted to only games that are less violent and do not feature guns.

The in-game chat function is often where players may stumble across inappropriate content in the form of bad language. Whilst Roblox has in-built chat filters to remove inappropriate content from the platform, it is still possible that your child may be exposed to bad language or mature content within the chat function. By restricting who your child can access on the platform, your child is less likely to experience language or behaviour that is not suitable for their age.

Connecting with others

The most significant risk on Roblox is the interactivity, as it is a platform that is popular with adults and children and young people alike. This risk can be managed for children and young people by setting ‘Account restrictions’.  There have been cases where predators have used the platform to initiate a relationship, gain contact details and move them to another chat platform. Speak to your child about the risks of chatting with strangers and explain the importance of not sharing any personal or identifiable information with other players within chats. Encourage them to tell you if they have been asked more personal questions or to chat privately using a different app. Some gamers use third party chatting apps like Discord to chat whilst gaming. Ask your child if they are using any additional chatting apps whilst playing and check who they are communicating with. Although chatting is an appealing part of gaming, it is not essential in order to play.

User behaviour

Roblox has its own set of Community Rules, which all players must adhere to in order to play. Players who deviate from the expected behaviour risk being removed from the game. Speak to your child about what is appropriate behaviour when playing a multiplayer game and ensure they know how to report inappropriate or offensive behaviour.

Design, data and costs

Roblox is free to play but does have significant in-app purchases. These can be very persuasive for younger children who spend a lot of time on Roblox, and they may not understand the risks of spending money in this way. Speak to your child about in-app purchases and ensure they understand that real money is used to make purchases within the game. You can also set up relevant in-app purchase settings on your device. It is also important to check that the game is not linked to your bank cards or financial details.

Tips for keeping your child safe

  • There are comprehensive safety settings available on Roblox within the settings menu. Here you can enable ‘Account controls’, which requires a PIN to make changes to any account settings and set ‘Account restrictions’.

    To enable ‘Account controls’:

    • Go to the ‘More’ menu by selecting the 3-dots icon.
    • Scroll down to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Security’.
    • Toggle the ‘Account PIN’ option, where you will be prompted to provide and verify your email address in order to add the PIN.
    • Once set up, this PIN will be needed to make any changes to account settings.
  • Within the settings menu, there is the option to set ‘Account restrictions’, which limits playable games and restricts contact and messaging from other users. When these restrictions have been enabled, players can only access the Roblox curated content on the platform.

    To enable ‘Account restrictions’:

    • Go to the ‘More’ menu by selecting the 3-dots icon.
    • Scroll down to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Security’.
    • Toggle the ‘Account restrictions’ option.
    • Once these restrictions have been enabled, they make changes to all the contact settings, found on the Privacy option on the menu.

    You can choose not to enable restrictions. Instead, work through the ‘Privacy’ menu and choose the relevant ‘Contact settings’ suitable for your child. You will be given the option to choose from the following for each option:

    • Everyone
    • Friends and Users | Follow and Followers
    • Friends and Users | Follow
    • Friends
    • No one
  • You can report and block users who may be bothering you or behaving inappropriately on the platform.

    To report a player:

    • Select the Roblox icon on the top left of the screen.
    • Select the flag icon located next to the user’s name and choose the ‘Report’ tab.
    • Work through the listed options to complete your report request.

    To block a player:

    • Visit the user’s profile page.
    • Select the three dots menu in the upper
    • A menu will pop up where you can select ‘Block user’.
  • Whilst there are no time management options available in the settings menu, you can make changes to limit the number notifications your child receives. This may help them benefit from some screen-free time where they are not bombarded with Roblox notifications.

    To change the notification options:

    • Go to the ‘More’ menu by selecting the 3-dots icon.
    • Scroll down to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Notifications’.
    • Here you can select what notifications you want to receive from the following options:
      • I receive a friend request
      • Someone accepts my friend request
      • I receive a private message
      • I receive update notifications
      • Analytics report becomes available
      • Toggle off the ‘Mobile push’ option to stop notifications appearing on the devices’ home screen.

Key features and terminology

  • Multiplayer

    This mode allows you to play with other people. This can either be with selected friends or with other players you may not know.


    The chat function allows players to communicate with each other within the app or game.


    In-game currency.


    Groups exist for all types of communities – fan clubs, help groups, hobbies etc. Users can set up groups or join groups that interest them.

General tips

There is detailed parent information available in the ‘About’ section of the main menu, which you can access by clicking on the three dots.