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Go and see

Arts and cultural experiences are inspiring, challenging, engaging, and fun, and play an important part in the learning of our young people wherever in Wales they live. We believe that our children and young people should have the chance to be inspired and excited by the best that the arts in Wales has to offer.

As schools work diligently to adapt to new ways of interacting with their learners, we too continue to explore how we can support schools in realising the continuation of learning and put the arts and creativity at the heart of education. Therefore, we are delighted to announce the launch of our virtual Go and See. We want to encourage schools to provide children and young people with opportunities to go ‘one step further’ in their explorations of creative, cultural and arts experiences.

This virtual collection, a strand of the Arts Council of Wales and Welsh Government Creative learning through the arts programme, will transport teachers and learners alike into theatre performances, virtual exhibitions, museum tours, behind the scenes visits and more. Bringing the joys and wonders of creativity to all and providing new and stimulating cultural experiences for both home and school settings, this marks a new approach to our hugely successful Go and See live visits programme.

Working with a variety of arts and cultural organisations, opportunities will be uploaded weekly. To see what’s on offer visit our Virtual Go and See.

  • Virtual Go and see

    An exciting virtual collection of rich experiences available to schools and learners across Wales.

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