Creative Learning

Arts and Education Network: South East Wales

The Arts and Education Network: South East Wales, is made up of professionals sharing their knowledge and experience of arts projects in schools with each other. Working with schools, the Regional Education Consortia, local authorities and stakeholders in the education, arts, creative, cultural and heritage sectors, the network aims to improve arts experiences and opportunities in schools.

The network will:

  • Develop a community of teachers, artists and arts/cultural/heritage organisations and others who are interested in and/or involved in how the arts can inform and enrich the school curriculum;
  • Present workshops and events in order to create more opportunities for communication and partnerships between network members;
  • Create continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for artists and teachers to enrich projects between schools and artists;
  • Create opportunities to promote best practice amongst the network and externally.


Victoria Jones
Network Co-ordinator
T: 07717743292

Simone Greenwood
Assistant Network Co-ordinator
T: 07717743639