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Welcome to the Creative Learning zone - a dedicated area hosted within Hwb designed to support the aims of the Creative Learning through the Arts action plan:

  • to improve attainment through creativity;
  • increase and improve arts experiences in schools;
  • support teachers and arts practitioners in developing their skills.

The Creative Learning action plan was launched in March 2015 and will contribute to the aims set out in Qualified for Life: an education improvement plan for 3 – 19 year olds - to build a successful education system which will directly contribute to greater innovation and creativity, to the cultural capital of the nation, and to a more equitable and successful society.

The five year Creative Learning plan is funded by £10m from Welsh Government, matched by £10m from Arts Council of Wales Lottery funding. The plan will support the progress towards the new Curriculum for Wales – A Curriculum for Life and contribute to the Professional Learning plans to support and enable practitioners to develop their practice.

Creative Learning through the Arts is a joint commitment between Welsh Government and Arts Council of Wales. The joint action plan responds to the 12 recommendations of Professor Dai Smith’s independent report on the review of Arts and Education in the Schools of Wales (2013). The implementation of the plan is being led by the Arts Council of Wales, working with regional education consortia, local authorities, arts and cultural organisations and other key stakeholders.

The plan focusses on the Lead Creative Schools scheme and the All-Wales Arts and Education Programme. The Lead Creative Schools Scheme aims to promote new ways of working, with innovative and bespoke programmes of learning designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

The All-Wales Arts and Education programme enables schools to draw on the knowledge and practice of artists, arts and cultural organisations to improve and complement teaching across the curriculum.

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