Hwb accessibility roadmap 2020

Thinqi Events

  • The Events application has been rebuilt using a new UI framework, React.js, replacing the legacy framework, Backbone.js. React provides a far more powerful and contemporary set of tools for the standardisation and application of accessibility standards throughout the application. Replacing Backbone with React was a more cost-effective approach than continuing to support the legacy framework and will ensure that AA compliance can be maintained with the ongoing development of this application.
  • This work is due for completion in October 2020 and will be rolled out to Hwb live soon after.

Thinqi Playlists

  • The Thinqi Playlist app provides a growing number of content block templates. All Playlists content blocks are under review to ensure a standard approach to providing accessible features. Changes are being made through August-September 2020 to bring Playlist content in line with the latest guidelines.
  • This is due for completion in September 2020 and will be rolled out to Hwb live soon after.