Getting Started

Suggested audience: learners, school staff, school digital champions, local authority Hwb administrators, regional education consortia Hwb administrators.

Hwb, the National Digital Learning Platform, hosts a national collection of digital tools and resources to support learning and teaching in Wales.

Hwb has been developed in line with the following key principles:

  • to support a national approach to planning and delivery
  • to enable the sharing of skills, methods and resources between teachers in Wales
  • to support teaching and learning in Welsh and English
  • to offer equal access to free, classroom focused tools and resources for all teachers and learners in Wales.

Hwb enables learners and teachers to access online resources anywhere, at any time, from a range of devices. It also provides tools to help teachers create and share their own resources and assignments. The collection includes:

  • tools and resources created or commissioned by the Welsh Government and/or its agents
  • tools and resources licensed or bought by the Welsh Government
  • tools and resources made available by trusted sources
  • resources created by teachers.

To get started with Hwb, your school’s Digital Champion or Hwb Administrator will need to provide all staff and learners with their Hwb usernames and passwords from the User Management Portal. If your school doesn’t yet have a Digital Champion or if you don’t know who this is, your Head teacher or a member of the SLT will need to contact the Hwb Service Desk: / 03000 25 25 25.

Once staff have their login details, they can access all of the tools and services in Hwb straight away. When learners first log in, they will only have access to Personalised Assessments. To access the full range of tools and services, consent for Hwb Additional Services will need to be obtained and applied via the User Management Portal.


Before distributing usernames and passwords your school should consider its online safety provision and have current acceptable use policies in place. You can also find further exemplar acceptable use policies and guidance within 360 degree safe Cymru.

Your regional education consortia digital lead will be able to provide further support and training as required.

There are many different approaches to adopting Hwb in your school. However, you need to ensure the following things are in place:

  • Identify your Digital Champions (Hwb administrators) and ensure they have the permissions needed to access the User Management Portal, containing usernames and passwords. Please contact the Hwb Service Desk for support with this: | 03000 25 25 25.
  • Check your username and password list in the User Management Portal is correct.
  • Ensure that acceptable use policies for staff and learners are up to date and signed.
  • Provide information to governors, staff, parents and learners.

The 360 degree safe Cymru tool can help the school benchmark its current policies and practices regarding Online Safety and provides advice and templates to support your school’s approach.

Given the wide range of tools in Hwb we recommend that schools plan their approach in line with local priorities, ideally aligned to the School Improvement Plan.

Further help, advice and training is available from the regional educational consortia.

The supported devices and browsers for Hwb are:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari on Mac
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • iPhone - latest iOS
  • iPad - latest iOS
  • Android mobile and tablet 4.4 (KitKat) and above

Encyclopaedia Britannica is supported on the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome version 52.0 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox version 45.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11.0
  • Microsoft Edge version 25.0 or higher
  • Safari version 9.1 or higher

Just2easy is supported on any device that can connect to the internet. There is the option to use J2e via the browser or download the mobile or iPad J2launch app.

Microsoft update the prerequisites for Office 365 on a regular basis as new features and applications are made available. You can subscribe to the change log to keep up to date with these changes.

Google outline the G Suite browser requirements and Google Drive firewall and proxy settings in their G Suite Admin Help site, which is updated regularly.

360 degree safe Cymru is supported on the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge (Latest 2 versions)
  • Chrome (Latest 2 versions)
  • Firefox (Latest 2 versions)
  • Internet Explorer (Version 11 only)

The 360 degree safe Cymru site is not currently mobile capable, so whilst it may work on mobile browsers (and other non-supported browsers) you may have a degraded user experience.

Hwb accounts are automatically created for learners and staff in maintained schools in Wales using data in your school’s MIS e.g. SIMS or Teacher Centre. Hwb accounts are also available for local authority and regional education consortia staff who are supporting these maintained schools.

Governors can request Hwb accounts from their school.

Supply teachers can request Hwb accounts from the Sign Up button on the homepage of Hwb.

We are currently working on several projects to provide Hwb access to other educational institutions in Wales. We will release news articles with further information once available.

Data sharing

In 2018, the Welsh Government changed the way schools provide access to the Hwb education portal and managed learning environment (the Hwb Platform) for their staff and learners.

From September 2018, it is compulsory for all learners in maintained schools in Wales to be provided with a secure login to the Hwb Platform. From that date, Personalised Assessments are being phased in over three years to replace the paper-based National Reading and Numeracy Tests, and certain assessments must be completed online via the Hwb Platform.

For learners and staff to be provided with secure log-ins to the Hwb Platform, schools need to share personal information about them with the Welsh Government. This will be done via the all-Wales Education Identity Provider service.

In order to facilitate the sharing of personal data with the Welsh Government, headteachers or authorised members of the school’s Senior Leadership Team are asked to review and accept the terms in the Hwb data sharing agreement.

Hwb Additional Services

The Welsh Government believes that it is in the public interest to ensure every learner in maintained schools in Wales has full access to Hwb so that schools can use the distance learning tools available. 

Please see our updated guidance on consent.

Further information about data sharing, consent and acceptable use of Hwb can be found here. Please also refer to the Hwb privacy notice and the Hwb terms and conditions.

For general enquiries please contact the Welsh Government Hwb Team:

Telephone: 03000 252525 Email:

You can also access support via your regional educational consortia Digital Lead. Please contact them directly for details.