Pre-recorded lessons can be shared with learners at a pre-defined time/date or as part of a series of learning activities.

Pre-recording lessons offers many benefits including:

  • giving you time to prepare
  • the ability to re-record as necessary.

Video recordings of lessons offer flexibility to learners, enabling them to:

  • access lessons at convenient times
  • re-visit lessons as required.

Practitioners can create video recordings using different tools within Hwb.

Choosing the ‘Calendar’ button within Teams allows users to ‘Meet now’. Practitioners can ‘join’ a meeting without having to invite anyone else. The central menu bar has three dots (…) for ‘more actions’ which allows users to ‘start recording’ the session. The menu bar also has the option to ‘share’. Choosing this allows users to show their desktop or a file on their computer.

Your Hwb Microsoft license will affect where your recording will be stored.

  1. Login to Hwb and navigate to Google for Education.
  2. From the waffle menu, select ‘Meet’.
  3. Select Join or start a meeting
  4. You can choose to enter a meeting nickname, or leave the box blank. Please be aware that meetings which have the same nickname as chosen by another user could be accessed by others.  For this reason, we would recommend leaving the box blank.
  5. Select ‘Join now’
  6. Select the three vertical dots (‘More options’) to select the ‘Record meeting’ function
  7. Select ‘Start’
  8. Select ‘Present now’ from the menu bar to share your screen (e.g. a PowerPoint).
  9. Select the three vertical dots (‘More options’) to stop recording.

After you have finished recording you will need to wait for the recording file to be generated and saved to your Google My Drive > Meet Recordings folder.

Flipgrid is a video-sharing platform which features screen recording. Practitioners sign in using their Hwb login details and choose ‘Record a response’ to start recording a video.

Users select the three horizontal dots (…) on the recording page to see the option for ‘screen recording’. The videos are saved in Flipgrid and can then be shared with learners through Flipgrid, or downloaded by the teacher to be shared.

Teachers and learners in maintained schools in Wales can download and install the latest Microsoft Office tools for free. The PowerPoint app has an in-built screen-recording tool. When users choose the ‘Insert’ tab in the ribbon at the top of the screen an option for ‘Screen Recording’ will appear.

Screen recordings will automatically appear within the PowerPoint as a video file.

This is a screen recording extension which can be accessed when users login to Google Chrome using your Hwb login details.

Screen recordings are saved into Google Drive.