With so many aspects of our lives now entwined with using technology in a digital world, supporting our children and young people to be digitally resilient is fundamental. Digital resilience encapsulates the need to develop knowledge, skills and strategies in order for children and young people to:

  • manage their online experience safely and responsibly
  • identify and mitigate risks to stay safe from harm online
  • understand the importance of using reliable sources and employing critical thinking skills to identify misinformation
  • seek help when they need it
  • learn from their experiences and recover when things go wrong
  • thrive and benefit from the opportunities the internet offers.

Building digital resilience in our children and young people also depends on the resilience of our families and communities.  The Hwb programme aims to provide learners,  families, education practitioners, professionals and governors with the latest resources, information and guidance to enhance their digital resilience.

Keeping children and young people safe online is of critical importance. We are committed to promoting the safe and positive use of the online world to children, young people, families, education practitioners, professionals and governors. 

Our Keeping safe online area has been designed and developed to support online safety in education across Wales. It provides an extensive suite of up-to-date bilingual resources, Welsh Government guidance and links to further sources of support on a range of online safety issues.

In addition Keeping safe online also hosts bilingual resources created by or developed in collaboration with key partners, such as SWGfL, the NSPCC, Common Sense Media and the National Crime Agency.

Cyber security is the term used to describe how both individuals and organisations can reduce the risk of cyber-attacks. Cyber security's main purpose is to ensure the technology we use (devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones) and the services we access online are protected from theft or damage. We store large  amounts of personal and organisational information on devices and services and preventing unauthorised access to this information is critical. Keeping safe online will:

  • provide guidance and support to schools to adopt a robust approach to cyber security that ensures compliance with regulations and standards
  • raise awareness of best practice guidance and training in cyber safety for learners and education professionals in Wales
  • seek to nurture talent and promote opportunities to develop the skills required for a career in cyber security are available for Welsh learners.

Every time we go online, whether it is to search for information, to shop, use social media, send emails, we share information about ourselves.  Sharing our data helps us to access information, use services and stay connected with our family, friends and communities.  However, your data is your data and it belongs to you.  Data protection law exists to make sure everyone’s data is used properly and legally. Becoming digitally resilient includes understanding:

  • why my data is important
  • who is using my personal data and why
  • how I can protect my data online
  • my personal data rights under EU/UK law.