Post-16 learning and skills

The Welsh Government is working with key stakeholders to ensure stability for the post-16 sector during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Welsh Government is working closely with post-16 learning providers and our key stakeholders to support post-16 learners and staff.

The Welsh Government’s Covid-19 Resilience Plan for the Post-16 sector includes the higher education, further education, apprenticeships, employability and adult learning sectors.  Delivery of our plan will be co-ordinated with activities in the schools sector, to support learners’ transitions.

The plan sets out how we will work with our stakeholders to:

  • meet the changing needs of Welsh learners, communities and employers during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic
  • support Wales’ economic and social recovery
  • help our learning providers, learners and staff to prepare for the “new normal”.

This page will be updated as further information becomes available.

  • Distance learning resources to support learner transitions to FE and HE

    The Welsh Government is working with regional consortia, colleges, Careers Wales and many others in Wales to create online learning resources for learners in Year 11, to help them to prepare to transition to study A and AS level subjects in sixth form or at a further education college, and/or start vocational learning routes within the post-16 sector.

    The Welsh Government is working with universities in Wales to create online learning experiences and events for learners in Year 13, to help them prepare to transition to higher education.


    The Seren network supports the most academically able students in state schools and further education colleges to help them gain entry to leading universities.  A number of Seren Academy distance learning resources for Year 12 and Year 13 students are now available on Hwb.

    Working Wales: furloughed workers

    Support for furloughed workers to improve their skills or learn new skills is available via Working Wales.

    Learning Welsh

    The National Centre for Learning Welsh is starting new classes for the spring term from 12 May 2020.

    The Centre also offers live online learning sessions (10 minutes each day), online courses and online learning resources.

    Learn My Way

    Learn My Way provides free courses to help individuals improve their basic digital skills and get online.  These courses are designed to help people access public services, banking, health information and more.

  • Covid-19 – Frequently Asked Questions

    The Welsh Government publishes answers to Frequently Asked Questions relating to Covid-19, including:

    Covid-19 – Support from Jisc

    Jisc offers help and support for its members with planning and response in relation to Covid-19.

    Learning providers in Wales who are Jisc members should contact their Account Manager for further details about any Jisc services.