2. Relevant guidance and information

These supporting materials are designed as a starting point or refresher on the key elements of Curriculum for Wales and related areas. This includes expectations and priorities for curriculum development, the new school improvement framework, and information on assessment.

Curriculum for Wales: the journey to curriculum roll-out

This guidance sets out a common set of expectations, priorities and supporting information for curriculum design.

Curriculum for Wales: planning and priorities guide

This pack contains short guides, key questions, and further reading to support practitioners’ understanding of curriculum design, progression, and assessment.

Non-statutory school improvement guidance

This guidance, ‘School improvement guidance: framework for evaluation, improvement and accountability’, sets out the new framework for evaluation, improvement and accountability to support the Curriculum for Wales, and defines the role of local authorities and regional consortia in providing support to schools

Personalised assessments

Online personalised assessments provide an easily accessible, supporting tool that shares useful feedback on an individual’s reading and numeracy skills.

With the feedback, learners, their teachers and parents and carers can understand an individual’s strengths and where further support may be needed to plan next steps and support learner progress.

Routes for Learning

Routes for Learning provide helpful resources and materials to support practitioners in assessing learners with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD).

Learner well-being and assessment: mutual support systems

This document explores how using assessment on an ongoing, day-to-day basis to identify, capture and reflect on individual learner progress, provides opportunities to promote the well-being of learners. It offers prompts for practitioners for reflection and consideration of their school’s current practice and how it could be improved.

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