4. Get involved

This is the section where you can register to get involved in the network. There are 2 main ways to get involved,

  • through supporting the planning and facilitation of the Network
  • through registering to participate in a conversation.

As a reminder this conversation will seek to:

Building on the progression conversation last autumn, participants from across Wales will share their understanding of progression and how this can be effectively assessed.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • share understanding of where colleagues in all contexts are in their thinking and development work related to progression and assessment
  • consider how the principles of progression can be used to support curriculum planning, including planning of assessment
  • consider how learner progression along the curriculum continuum can be planned through integrating selection of content, pedagogical approaches and assessment approaches
  • share information on how assessment practice is being developed to support learner progression across the breadth of the curriculum
  • consider contextual factors which may impact on understanding and planning progression
  • develop understanding of effective approaches to co-construction within and across schools or settings which will support further development of practice in planning progression and assessment.