During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are sometimes having to set work and activities for pupils to learn from a distance. If your child is having to learn from home, you are not expected to be their school teacher, but there are ways you can help to support their learning. The most important thing is to look after your family’s health and well-being. Good health and well-being will help your children to learn.

Your children’s teacher will still be guiding their learning at this time. If possible try to follow what the school is setting but what you are able to do will depend on your family situation. You should speak to your children’s school first if you want additional help and advice about how to support their learning. Your children’s school know them well and will want to help, for example with advice about:

  • the best way to support your children’s learning
  • how to access help for their specific needs
  • what to do if you or your children have questions about their work
  • what to do if you or your children are feeling overwhelmed about school work
  • what to do if you do not have access to a suitable internet-connected device to access online learning activities from home (help has been made available) to support families via your school or local authority.

Your children’s school should always be your first point of contact but it is important to remember that every family is different and you have to do what works best for you. If you are contacting your children’s school or teacher you should use the communication channels your school has set up for this.

The Keeping safe online section on Hwb provides useful information about working and socialising online, including things to consider if your school has chosen to live stream.

The following information is to help you find ways that work for your family to keep your children learning.