Hwb Heroes

A call to children and young people to become Hwb Heroes.

Life is a little different for us all at the moment.  The Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak has meant that you are unable to see your friends and some family members as often as usual.

For older and vulnerable people, these might be particularly difficult times as they cannot have visits from family and friends and may not have the digital skills or facilities to keep in touch with people through social media or video calls etc.

Many people in care homes, nursing homes, hospitals or hospices cannot have any visitors at the moment and are missing out on chatting and laughing with friends and family.

We are calling for children and young people to become Hwb Heroes by creating messages to share with older and more vulnerable people across Wales. We would like you to get creative and send us your original artwork such as:

  • drawings 
  • poems 
  • stories 
  • messages 
  • songs
  • dances
  • animations 

These will be published here so that everyone can see all the messages of hope, love and support and importantly, show older and vulnerable people how much we care.

*Only upload messages that you have made yourself and not copied from anyone else.  Our younger Hwb Heroes must ask a parent or carer or other responsible adult if it is ok to upload their message for everyone to see it online.

Learners: please remember you must be logged in with your Hwb account to submit this form.

Teachers: you can upload class or group submissions, or submissions on behalf of learners within your school.  If any submissions contain images or videos of children or young people, please confirm that you have parent or carer consent to submit their image for publication on Hwb, associated public websites and our social media channels.  Submissions from schools can be sent in using the form below, or emailed to

Click on the expand button in the window below to see the messages at full size. 

For further support please contact the Hwb Service Desk: | 03000 25 25 25