Keeping learners safe

Following publication of the Welsh Government safeguarding in education statutory guidance Keeping learners safe, these online training modules were launched to help schools and educational settings understand their roles and responsibilities to keep their learners safe. 

Safeguarding children and young people

Online Safety 

Responding to incidents of sharing nudes

This training module can support DSPs and senior managers within education settings to effectively respond to incidents of sharing nudes or semi-nudes.

This training aims to equip you with the understanding needed to help prevent or respond to any instances of online sexual harassment among children and young people.


This training module aims to give practitioners a breadth of knowledge about how to tackle misinformation and support learners to effectively check sources of information and think critically about claims.

Cyber resilience training 

Cyber security awareness training for school staff

This cyber security training module produced with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) for Welsh schools is designed to support school staff to help improve their cyber resilience. 

Phishing awareness training

This training module will help you understand what phishing is and how it works, how you can identify phishing emails, different techniques of phishing and what you can do to protect yourself and your organisation.

Cyber resilience training for senior leaders in schools 

This training is designed to provide senior leaders in schools with immersive virtual exercise that will enable you to develop your response to a cyber-incident. Led by the Regional Cyber Crime Unit within Tarian, the virtual training will consist of a series of scenarios for participants to consider in groups. Following each scenario there will be an opportunity to brainstorm responses, then share these with a wider group alongside insight from the lead trainer.

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