Call of Duty: Mobile is a first-person multiplayer battle game which can be played on iOS or Android devices. It is the latest mobile version from the Call of Duty franchise, which has a range of other Call of Duty games available on popular games consoles. In this mobile version, players compete against others online using realistic military-style weapons and tactics to complete missions. Games can be played in teams, in the Multiplayer mode, or players can compete to be the last one standing in a Battle Royale. The game is fast paced, realistic and has blood splatter as well as other forms of graphic violence during game play.

Official age rating

This is a PEGI 18 Game.

Call of Duty: Mobile has an adult PEGI rating due to the level and nature of violence in the game. The game can often require motiveless killing or violence towards defenceless characters. This age rating is also awarded due to the more realistic-looking violence and the use of bad language. The Apple App Store and Google Play give this a Mature 17+ rating. There are no age verification methods used when creating an account to prevent younger players accessing the game.

Find out more about age ratings in our A parent and carer’s guide to age ratings of apps and games.

How children and young people use the app

Call of Duty: Mobile is an action-packed and competitive game in which players are transported to different places, circumstances and missions. To succeed in the game, you must develop your shooting skills and strategic thinking to tactically meet your objectives. Users often play with or against their friends as well as strangers. During loadout, players are able to customise their characters, perks and weapons (including a primary weapon, a secondary weapon and grenades). The game also provides storytelling from a first-person perspective that makes the game realistic and allows users to effectively roleplay as military persons with power.

Potential risks


Call of Duty: Mobile is a highly violent game which is reflected in the age rating it has been given. The animation of the game is quite realistic and includes blood splatters when players are killed. Players are also exposed to a range of realistic military-style weapons. Whilst the game features some bad language, players are also exposed to bad language and mature content through the chat functions. Despite having profanity filters in place, the chat still allows inappropriate language to occur

Connecting with others

This game is designed to be played as a multi-player game with friends or strangers online. It is possible to play within games and matches which place you at random with a group of other players. Alternatively, you can play with a set group of friends and you can restrict contact to just your designated friends list in the settings function.  The game includes the option to chat online either through voice chat or written text.  It is also worth noting that some gamers use third party chatting apps like Discord to chat whilst gaming.  For players who want to live stream their chat to their friends, its useful to remind them that when they are online they leave a digital footprint and that anything they say can be captured and shared both now and in the future.

Design, data and costs

As with many multiplayer games, Call of Duty can be immersive for players and the player experience can be overwhelming, which can result in extended stints of gameplay. Players may feel pressure to continue playing when they are completing missions within a team or clan. Encourage players to take time-out from playing where possible.

Tips for keeping your child safe

  • As this has an adult age rating, there are very few parental controls and settings available for this game. Instead, you will need to look at the settings on the individual mobile device to put controls in place.

    To set to ‘Private’ on iOS:

    • Go to the ‘Game Centre’ in the settings menu on your iPhone.
    • Scroll down to ‘Privacy and settings’ and change your ‘Profile privacy’ to ‘Only you’.

    To set to ‘Private’ on Android:

    • Go to the ‘Play games’ app, touch the menu icon and select ‘Settings’.
    • Select ‘Game profile’ > ‘Play now’ > ‘Your game profile’.
    • Adjust your ‘Visibility and notifications’ settings to the most private options
  • Due to the age rating of this game, there are no real safety settings to limit contact or content. It should be noted that there are three types of chat available to players. The ‘World chat’ is the public chat forum, whilst the ‘Friends’ and ‘Clan’ chat groups are with preselected players. You can also communicate with others via a text chat function.

    To mute a player:

    • Whilst in the game, select the speaker icon on the right-hand side.
    • Choose the player from the list and select the speaker next to their name.
    • This will mute them for the duration of the game.
  • You can report players who may be bothering you or behaving inappropriately on the platform.

    To report a player:

    • Tap on your profile picture and go to ‘Player history’ (stopwatch icon).
    • Tap the parachute icon to report a player from a ‘Battle Royale’ match.
    • Select the player you wish to report and tap the exclamation (!) icon.
    • Highlight the player and choose the appropriate report type from the list and select Report.
  • Whilst this game is free to play, in-game purchases are available. You can disable in-app purchases on each individual device itself.

    To disable in-app purchases on iPhone:

    • Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Screen time’ and scroll down to ‘Content and privacy restrictions’.
    • Select ‘iTunes and App Store purchases’ and set the option to ‘Don’t allow’.

    To disable in-app purchases on Android:

    • Go to your ‘Google Play Store’ app.
    • Select ‘Menu’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Require authentication for purchases’.
    • This means you will need to set a password to make in-app purchases.

Key features and terminology

  • Multiplayer

    This mode allows you to play with other people. This can either be with selected friends or with other players you may not know.

    Battle Royale – this mode allows up to 100 players to fight to be the last one standing.

    Chat – the chat function allows players to communicate with each other. This can be done in three ways: ‘World’ (which is public), with ‘Friends’ or within your ‘Clan’ (which is your team).

    Clan – a ‘Clan’ is a group of players who join up to play the game together to complete tasks and missions. Clans can be made up of players you know, but also players you don’t.

    Loadout – this allows players time to select their perks, weapons and ‘operator skill’ before joining a match.

    Operator Skills – special enhanced skills and weapons that can be used to make a comeback or at particular moments in the game

    Arsenal – this allows players to modify and upgrade their weapons.

    Scorestreak – ‘Scorestreaks’ are the rewards players earn for playing well. They can vary from weapons to skills to help them proceed. Once your character is killed, your ‘scorestreak’ resets. Whilst they can be earnt, they can also be purchased within the game.

General tips

Call of Duty is a hugely popular franchise of games, many of which need to be purchased to be played on a games console.

This game is only suitable for those over the age of 18.