Creative Learning

Arts and Education Networks – an introduction

Four regional Arts and Education Networks have been formed as part of the Creative Learning Plan's 'All-Wales Arts and Education Offer'.

The four regional networks are drawn on the same boundaries as the existing regional education consortia. These networks are working with schools, the Regional Education Consortia, local authorities and stakeholders in the education, arts, creative, cultural and heritage sectors in the four regions. They will increase and improve arts experiences and opportunities in schools by building bridges between the education sector and arts practitioners; arts, culture and heritage organisations and providers; and venues such as museum, libraries and archives.

To increase and improve arts experiences and opportunities for children and young people, the All-Wales Arts and Education Offer provides schools with greater access to professional artists and arts organisations, to enhance and complement their teaching. To ensure that schools benefit fully from participating in the programme, a nominated senior member of staff will take the role of School Creativity and Arts Champion, who will be the link between their school and the opportunities available through the regional network.