Hwb accessibility roadmap 2021

Thinqi Playlists

  • The Thinqi Playlist application was updated during October 2020 and further updates are scheduled for January-February 2021. These will be released to the Hwb platform in March 2021.

Thinqi Events  

  • The Events application has been rebuilt using a new UI framework, React.js, replacing the legacy framework, Backbone.js. React provides a far more powerful and contemporary set of tools for the standardisation and application of accessibility standards throughout the application. Replacing Backbone with React was a more cost-effective approach than continuing to support the legacy framework and will ensure that AA compliance can be maintained with the ongoing development of this application.
  • Due to the work required to bring the Events application in line with the Hwb platform’s functional requirements, for example, the ability to add file attachments to Events, the roll out for the new Events application has been extended to Spring 2021.