In November 2018 the Minister for Education committed the Welsh Government to:

  • develop career-long professional learning embedded in evidence-based research and effective collaboration
  • invest in Wales-specific education research and ensure that it is converted into action for school improvement
  • co-create a national education research strategy that provides a coherent and transparent framework for education research in Wales


The objectives of the NSERE are to:

  • support the ongoing development of evidence-informed policy by Welsh Government and its implementation by other parts of the educational system in Wales
  • further develop high-quality research capacity and activity within our higher education institutions (HEIs) that can serve the needs of the Welsh education system
  • develop an evidence-based profession in Wales where leaders, teachers, support staff, local authority and regional consortia staff, HMI and other educational professionals use high-quality research evidence and are provided with opportunities to take part in professional enquiry


The priorities of the NSERE, as identified in ‘Education in Wales: Our national mission’ and resulting from recent developments, will be:

  • the new school curriculum and assessment arrangements and the pedagogy that will be required to achieve its realisation
  • the recovery of our education system from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • leadership in our system and the provision of high-quality professional learning
  • equity and inclusion in our system for learners of all backgrounds and abilities
  • the Welsh language and bilingual education


The NSERE will realise these aims, objectives and priorities through work in three, interdependent, domains which focus upon the development of:

  • a national infrastructure to support educational research and enquiry
  • research capacity and activity within our HEI community
  • an evidence-based profession