Practitioners have access to a wide and varied professional learning offer to support their continued development in accordance with the professional standards for teaching, leadership and assisting teaching (the professional standards).

When planning their professional learning journeys practitioners should seek to include professional learning on:

  • Curriculum for Wales
  • additional learning needs
  • embedding equity, well-being and the Welsh language across the whole-school community

If, subject to consultation, an additional INSET day is agreed for schools and settings for the next 3 academic years, the INSET day will be dedicated to professional learning in the priority areas set out above.

National professional learning opportunities and resources

To support education practitioners to understand the range of professional learning that is funded by Welsh Government and delivered across Wales, we have mapped the professional learning opportunities and resources available nationally to the 5 professional standards.

The education consortia and universities are key partners in the delivery of these professional learning opportunities which have been developed and recognised nationally and are delivered on a regional or local basis.

These opportunities and resources are open to all practitioners to access as necessary and information about how to access them can be found in the following documents:

National professional learning linked to our key priority areas (pdf)
National professional learning in other areas (pdf)

Further information can also be found on a new cross-regional working website.

The list of national professional learning opportunities and resources is not exhaustive and will be updated on a regular basis. Information about new professional learning that is currently in development can be found on the new professional learning page.

In addition to professional learning opportunities and resources, the Entitlement includes means for education practitioners to build on their learning through collaboration. For example, National Network conversations provide an opportunity to apply practitioner experiences and learning to shared national challenges and opportunities, informing a national view of progress towards curriculum realisation, and in turn what further support, guidance, and professional learning is required to address these going forward.

Regional or local professional learning

The education consortia and local authorities deliver localised professional learning to address specific needs. The professional learning aligns with national policy and responds to emerging needs or identified focus areas. Further details can be found on the education consortia websites and in the documents below provided by local authorities and education consortia.

The professional learning offered is available to all and covers the entire workforce. Some of the professional learning is targeted at a single specific audience, while other professional learning is designed for all with the opportunity to reflect what it means in a specific role. Co-construction remains a core component of the way education consortia provide practical professional learning opportunities. An integral part of this is the evaluation in place to monitor the impact of support provided and then the subsequent refinement of the offer as required.

Professional learning in each education consortia and local authority covers, but is not limited to:

  • well-being and equity
  • Welsh language
  • pedagogy
  • curriculum design
  • assessment and progression
  • mandatory elements of Curriculum for Wales including transition
  • self-evaluation including peer-engagement and peer-working
  • digital
  • coaching

The delivery models will vary, with some being delivered by schools working collaboratively through a cluster model, and others being led by specific schools, experts or stakeholders. Common professional learning delivery methods are:

  • live professional learning (in person or online)
  • asynchronous professional learning (playlists, assignments or online resources)
  • network meetings
  • webinars (held live but recordings are shared)
  • podcasts
  • case studies
  • blogs
  • focussed projects (which provide professional learning to those engaged and generate learning for the system)

School or setting-led professional learning

Every school and setting has INSET days. The professional learning delivered as part of INSET is generally determined locally.

In addition to the INSET days, Welsh Government continues to allocate the professional learning grant to schools and settings. The grant is allocated to schools or settings directly via the education consortia. The main purpose of the funding is to allow schools and settings to create time and space for education practitioners and leaders to work together across schools, settings and networks to continue to access the necessary support to develop their practice. Case studies on Hwb demonstrate a range of innovative approaches used by schools to maximise use of the professional learning grant.