Evidence base

As part of the development of the professional learning entitlement, we have brought together a range of sources of evidence in addition to those found on the resources page. These range from commissioned reviews of aspects of the system such as newly qualified teacher induction, to evaluations of specific schemes and independent reviews of different aspects of our system.

Sources of evidence

This research aims to understand the experiences and views of newly qualified teachers (NQTs) about their induction.

This is a consideration of the process of teacher induction into the teaching profession in order to suggest ways in which it could be more effective for both the system and the individual teachers by Professor Mick Waters.

This report presents the findings of an evaluation of the Welsh Language Sabbatical Scheme for education practitioners.

This research evaluates the implementation, effectiveness and anticipated impacts of the professional standards, and their ability to support the development of a highly-skilled workforce.

This paper was produced by a researcher on the Doctoral Training Programme in autumn 2021. It has informed our approach to understanding the impact professional learning has on practice in schools and outcomes for learners

This paper is a strategic review of support for leadership in Wales that includes consideration of the NPQH, the funding model for leadership support, succession planning and our expectations of leadership’s role in realising the curriculum. It provides a critical independent review of the roles and responsibilities of all the agencies in the system that provide support for leadership and how they interact to achieve the best solutions for a typical school leadership team including Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers and Assistant Headteachers.

The study examined the policy context supporting the professional learning of teachers in Wales, exploring challenges, strengths and innovations.

OECD conducted a virtual visit during November 2020 meeting with a range of stakeholders and practitioners in Wales to inform their evidence.

The report is broken down in to 3 areas.

  • National system perspective, creating a system that promotes continuing professional learning.
  • School and school leader perspective, embedding professional learning in schools.
  • Teacher perspective, embedding professional learning in teaching practice.

The report highlights areas for further consideration/development and celebrates the positive achievements we have made in Wales over the last few years, highlighting the comprehensive policy framework and shared commitment across stakeholders in the Welsh school system that will provide excellent conditions for moving ahead.

A copy of the report can be found on the OECD Website.