Developing a high-quality education profession is central to the realisation of our vision for education in Wales and is one of four enabling objectives in Our national mission.

Statutory induction of newly qualified teachers (NQTs) forms a part of this vision by:

  • enabling NQTs to build on the knowledge and experiences gained in initial teacher education (ITE)
  • supporting NQTs to have the best start to their teaching career and encourage career-long professional growth
  • providing all NQTs with the opportunity to develop their practice by focusing on the requirements set out in the professional standards
  • establishing the skills, knowledge and behaviours that are consistent with the requirements of the new curriculum.

NQTs are entitled to support from an induction mentor (IM) based within their school. NQTs employed on short-term supply are supported by an external verifier (EV). The EV role is currently funded via EWC. This guidance relates to funding that is being made available during 2021 to 2022 academic year to support the role of IM.

The purpose of the funding is to enable schools to release IMs to support NQTs.

Here are some suggestions of how the funding could be used to support IM activity:

  • IMs released from school to attend professional learning programmes
  • Delivery of school-based induction activities e.g. induction programme to run through school policies
  • Time to undertake NQT lesson observations and provide feedback
  • Regular mentoring
  • Target setting and reviews
  • Regular dialogue within the PLP including approving PLEs
  • Final recommendation to ABs

EVs and induction co-ordinators will monitor IM activity via:

  • Attendance at professional learning
  • Regular use of the online Induction Profile within the Professional Learning Passport to provide feedback to the NQTs and ensure that target setting and reviews are undertaken

Up to £1,050 will be available for schools to claim to provide IM support to all NQTs.

Schools will be paid on a termly basis and payments will be triggered on submission of the Induction Claim Form by the school to EWC at the end of each academic term, or sooner if the NQTs employment at the school ends.

Funding will be released retrospectively after the end of each academic term during which the NQT is undertaking induction. The funding will be pro-rata to the proportion of contract worked by the NQT or how many sessions are completed during the academic term. For example:

  • if the NQT completes a full term on a full time contract the school will receive a payment of £350
  • if the NQT commences a period of induction at the half term, at the end of the first academic term of the NQT’s induction the school will receive a payment of £175
  • if the NQT commences a period of induction at any other point during the academic term the EWC will calculate the sum of funding to be released as follows £1,050/380 sessions x the number of sessions completed by the NQT during the academic term.