Live-streaming (sometimes called live-feeds or webinars) involves broadcasting a live-feed of visual and audio content over the internet in real-time. Live-streams can be watched live or can be recorded and made available at a later date.

Live-streaming has become a popular method of sharing content and connecting with an audience.

Through Hwb, practitioners can live-stream using Microsoft Teams Live Events.

Live-streaming can be an effective tool for practitioners to deliver remote learning. Live-streaming allows you to:

  • deliver lessons to your class / learners
  • deliver large-scale lectures or assemblies
  • deliver webinars.

Live-streaming offers many benefits to blended learning. The benefits of live-streaming lessons include:

  • it provides a one-way stream ensuring that only your chosen content is presented
  • learners can view the live feed but cannot be seen or heard
  • teachers have full control of lesson interaction with optional moderated chat (Q&A channel)
  • parents and carers can support learners with live-streamed lessons without being directly involved
  • when recorded, live-streamed lessons offer flexibility to learners, enabling them to access lessons at convenient times or to re-visit lessons to clarify or confirm learning.
  • Everything on your screen will be seen by all.
  • You are ‘live’, therefore carefully consider what can been seen and heard in your environment.
  • Where possible, practitioners and learners should use background blur settings in Microsoft Teams.
  • By live-streaming you are committing to delivering a lesson on a specific date/time.
  • Keep learners engaged with a variety of content and material!
  • Remember to look at the camera – not the monitor!