Live-streaming is the broadcasting of real-time, live video using the internet.

What you need to know

Children and young people are using live-streaming services to broadcast and watch others live-stream, this can include celebrities, video bloggers (or ‘vloggers’) and ‘gamers’, as well as friends and family.

Whilst live-streaming can be a positive outlet for children and young people to express themselves and connect with people who have similar interests, it can also have serious consequences.

Before going-live consider who may see your broadcast, what are you sharing - this could include your location and think about what you are broadcasting beforehand. It’s important that when using apps or services to live-stream that you have checked the settings to make sure these are right for you, many platforms allow you to manage your privacy.

Live-streaming can also offer opportunities for blended learning, for further information on how can be used to deliver live lessons visit our Live Lessons pages.