This resource is presented in a simple structure which is organised as follows:

Organisation of prompts

The prompts within the resource are organised into 4 layers and 4 areas.

The areas are:

  • leadership
  • curriculum
  • learning and teaching
  • well-being, equity and inclusion

Each of these areas are presented in 4 different layers, enabling schools to access prompts at each layer:

  • area/theme: the four areas listed above
  • component: additional sections within each area
  • prompt: detailed prompt questions relating to the component
  • investigation: additional information, prompts, links to supporting tools and case study resources

Please note:

Schools are not expected to provide answers to every prompt or to adopt this structure in their self-evaluation. The prompts are provided to support the process of self-evaluation and there is no expectation for schools to provide written responses for each prompt in a self-evaluation report.

  • Leadership

    This includes strategic vision, pedagogy, professional learning, innovation and collaboration, staffing and resources, systems, policies and procedures.

  • Learning and teaching

    This includes pedagogy, professional learning, collaboration and innovation.

  • Curriculum

    This includes establishing a vision (learning leadership and managing change), designing, planning and trialling (designing and implementing learning experiences).

  • Well-being, equity and inclusion

    This includes curriculum, promoting good health, attitudes and relationships, safeguarding, equity and inclusion.

Below is a more detailed view of the prompts, organised by area and component.

The PDF version allows you to zoom in and explore the areas/themes, components and prompts in more detail.